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  • Second trip in Japan. I feel realy like home in this country!

    Shoot with: Canon 7D

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  • "This planet is alive. If only we could know what it knows, see what it sees. Sometimes you feel like it's trying to tell you something, showing you where to look, how to see. Lighting up the darkness ahead, illuminating your soul."

    Burn is honoured and excited to announce 'Alive', featuring The Burn Units, a rider-led initiative headed by the legendary Austrian snowboarder Gigi Rüf, star of many a Pirate Movie Production and hands-down one of the most stylish riders on the planet. In 'Alive' Gigi is joined by fellow Burn Units riders Norwegian freestyle prodigy Ståle Sandbech and ultra-smooth French sensation Arthur Longo.

    An & collaboration

    Check out our behind-the-scenes shots over on Flickr:

    Meet the Burn Units team at the Billabong Air&Style in Innsbruck from February 4-5. Head to for info:

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  • 良いアイデアだと思ったんだけど、会社はWin、プライベートはMacなんだよな。
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  • どうでも良いことだけど、おっさん太ったな。誰かわからんかった。
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